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Welcome to the Valhalla HIgh School Class of '81! Our 35th Reunion is set for the weekend of October 7th & 8th, 2016! Please check the missing in action and in memoriam pages for people you may know so we can update it. Please invite friends to sign up from neighboring Classes of 80 or 82 if they want to join us.

We had such a good time at our 30th, we decided to follow the same format, though the football game is at Vahalla this time! I have arranged a section for us. Plan to arrive early as parking can be tight.

After the game we will go to Hooley's Rancho San Diego! They ususally have a band on weekends. You can come after the game or arrange to meet people earlier!

Saturday morinng there will be a school tour. Valhalla is being remodeled this year so it should be finished by then! It will be fun to see the changes. The time is TBA but most likely 10am to 1pm - the janitor will let us in so it's important to be on time.

Saturday evening will be cocktails and dinner under the stars at the San Diego Yacht Club in Point Loma. Classmate Karen Busch has offered to sponsor us again since we were on good bahavior the last time! We will have a dj for music out on the patio, and a full bar.

After party to follow at Old Venice....plan to shut the place down! Arrange for a ride home if necessary, Uber or Lyft are good options. Sunday you are on your own to hit the beach or go to brunch with your closest friends or family and enjoy your hometown.

Prices is $78.00 per person. If you are having a hardship and would like to come we don't want you to stay home - we do have an angel among us who will cover the cost if you are unable to pay, just contact Amy.

Please help us find missing classmates by reviewing the list. If you would like to invite a friend from a neighboring class, they are welcome and can sign up as well, once that is set up.

If you have any immediate questions, please contact! Also, see us on Facebook!